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Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) – 12 Step Program

What is Crystal Meth Anonymous?

Crystal Meth Anonymous is a 12-step program that focuses on the struggle with crystal meth addiction for members. With approval from Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship adapted the same 12 steps and 12 traditions, although there is no affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous. The program also utilizes the tools and literature available from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous. The first step in the program follows the same 12 step format as other 12-step programs: “We admitted we were powerless over crystal meth and our lives had become unmanageable.”

Although the focus on powerlessness over crystal meth addiction is highlighted through the program, it is important for members to abstain from all drugs and alcohol to maintain sobriety. The only requirement for membership to Crystal Meth Anonymous is the desire to stop using. The program is not religious in any way, but relies on finding a Higher Power than yourself, which can be many different concepts for each member of the fellowship.

How did Crystal Meth Anonymous begin?

The program was formed in 1994 by a member named Bill C. While Bill C. was an outstanding member of Alcoholics Anonymous and had over 16 years of sobriety in the program, during meetings, he had noticed the growing number of crystal meth addicts in the meetings. One of the things that caught his attention was the discomfort that some of the Alcoholics Anonymous members expressed when they had shared their stories of their struggles with crystal meth.

Bill C. then decided that these members who struggled with drug abuse would benefit more if they had their own groups to attend, with a specialized focus on crystal meth addiction. In the early meetings, the groups utilized the literature that was proven to work for groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, such as the “Big Book.” Now, the fellowship has its own book which includes personal stories of recovery from members called “Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope.” In 2008, the program had adopted the statement that they were too, in fact, “a fellowship that works a 12-step program and without it, they would not be sober.” As of 2016, the fellowship had over 600 meetings nationwide and was available in six countries.

How is Crystal Meth Anonymous effective?

Because Crystal Meth Anonymous adapted the same 12-step format that other self-help groups use, it has proven success rates. The history of success can be traced back down to some of the original members of the first meetings of Crystal Meth Anonymous who, as of 2009, were still sober and working the program. Though the primary focus of sobriety is based on the desire to stop using crystal meth, the program emphasizes the fact that many relapses occur after using other drugs or alcohol, so staying sober from all substances is crucial to sobriety.

With sobriety as a top priority, sharing experience, strength and hope with one another is one of the most important ways members come together to try and solve their common problem as well as recover from crystal meth addiction. The fellowship of Crystal Meth Anonymous is self-supporting through their own contributions and has no dues or fees for membership, so the only purpose for members who join the program is to lead a sober life and carry their message to others seeking out recovery from their addiction.

The program is effective when members work the 12 steps and abstain from using drugs or alcohol. For newcomers, obtaining a sponsor to help them work the steps can be a great guide when it comes to accepting suggestions, having someone to confide in, and more information about the program that they cannot gather themselves in a meeting.

Other Information About Crystal Meth Anonymous

Because the program can work differently for everyone, there is free information on the official Crystal Meth Anonymous website to guide newcomers and find what ways work best for them. There is also free information and pamphlets available on the website that can explain what the program entails, helps with steps one, two and three, and more. From joining members for socialization (fellowshipping) after meetings to suggestions of seeking outside help for recovery, the website offers newcomers everything they need to help understand the fellowship and how it will benefit them. Remaining honest and open-minded is the easiest way to ensure the best results from every meeting and is essential to recovery.

Whether or not newcomers feel they have a problem when attending meetings, as long as they have the desire to stop using, then Crystal Meth Anonymous can be the best place to find other individuals like themselves who lead sober and successful lives. For individuals struggling to decide if Crystal Meth Anonymous is right for them, talking about their issues with other members in the fellowship can help them decide if this is the right fit for them.

Crystal Meth Anonymous FAQs

Other questions many newcomers may ask can include:

What is Crystal Meth Anonymous?

Crystal Meth Anonymous is a fellowship that follows a 12-step program for its members. It focuses on the goal of abstaining not only from crystal meth, but from all drugs and alcohol. Once a member has obtained sobriety, the program focuses on improving quality of life, spiritual development and providing a way for members to live manageable lives once again. Although addiction is a lifelong illness, it can be maintained and managed by not using and sharing solutions to problems with other individuals in the same situation.

What happens in a Crystal Meth Anonymous meeting?

Newcomers attending their first meeting are not required to share anything but can gather more about the program by listening. Every meeting is different and has a different format, but for most meetings, there are several readings at each meeting including the 12 steps, “I can Stay Sober,” “There is Hope,” and more. There are closed meetings, only available to those who admit they have a problem with crystal meth addiction, and open meetings, available for anyone to attend, including friends and family members of addicts.

How do I start a Crystal Meth Anonymous group?

Although there are many available meetings already nationwide, for members who are interested in starting their own meetings, the guidelines are simple. As long as meetings follow the twelve steps and traditions of Crystal Meth Anonymous, are made up of two or more people who have the desire to stop using crystal meth and have no other affiliation, new meetings can be listed on the Crystal Meth Anonymous World Meeting Directory. Available pamphlets, meeting formats and brochures can be found on the official website, as well as the ability to contact the Crystal Meth Anonymous Group Registrar to have the meeting added online.

Is Crystal Meth Anonymous free?

For anyone who is interested in joining the program of Crystal Meth Anonymous, it is important to know that the fellowship is completely free. There are no dues or fees required from members; the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop using. The group is self-supporting and does not accept outside contributions, so the suggestion of many members in the group is to give when you can and what you can. For individuals who cannot contribute when the basket is passed around during a meeting – there is no judgement or pressure. Because every member has a different experience, story or situation, it is not required to make any kind of contribution.

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