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5 Ways Alcoholics Anonymous Helps

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship and organization that is known worldwide. It is available for men, women, and teenagers who struggle with alcoholism. Whether someone abuses alcohol or admits to having a problem with alcohol, Alcoholics Anonymous can help them. The meetings are not professional. They provide a supportive environment for anyone who needs help with overcoming their alcohol abuse or alcohol problem.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are offered all over the world and online, as well. There aren’t education, age, or career requirements for these meetings. Anyone who would like to do something to overcome their problems with alcohol can join in on these meetings. Keep reading here to find out more about how Alcoholics Anonymous can help people to deal with alcoholism.

1. Power in Numbers

It can be extremely tough to overcome alcohol issues on your own or any substance problem for that matter. Alcoholics Anonymous is a great support system for anyone who struggles with alcohol abuse or dependence. For more than 80 years, this program has stuck it the core beliefs that revolve around helping people who struggle with alcohol problems.

With millions of people worldwide being a part of Alcoholics Anonymous, you are sure to find others in your area who are attending these meetings. There truly is power in numbers. When there are other people you can talk to who understand what you are going through, overcoming an alcohol dependence becomes a bit easier.

You can even find a sponsor who has gone through recovery. They have learned the concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous and worked the program. With their experience and hard work, they can be there as an additional person to support and help guide you through your recovery.

2. Keeping Busy

One of the things that Alcoholics Anonymous teaches is that you should keep busy. Idle hands need something to do. When most alcoholics don’t have something to do, they start having more and more cravings. This can lead to a relapse. However, if you create a schedule for yourself that keeps you busy most of the time, it can help you to get and stay sober.

It is important not to overwork and overwhelm yourself. However, when you have a somewhat busy schedule, you can keep your mind and hands occupied.

3. Helping Yourself and Helping Others

When many alcoholics try to work the program on their own, they often relapse. Sometimes, they relapse time and time again. One of the concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous is that the members work together to help one another stay sober. During the meetings, people talk and share their stories. Others in the meetings often relate to what they are saying. They can learn lessons from one another. These shared stories and experiences also help people to see they aren’t alone.

With the concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous, members stop feeling isolated. They are able to dig deeper down inside of themselves to find the triggers of their issues. They are able to create coping mechanisms that work to help them stay sober.

When you align yourself with Alcoholics Anonymous, you might be surprised at how well it can assist you in achieving your sobriety and recovery goals. You will have challenges just like everyone else in those meetings. However, you will also be able to work alongside other recovering alcoholics to push through in your journey of sobriety. This community works for so many people who need to overcome alcohol dependence. It reinforces their social accountability and reduces the risk of relapsing.

4. Anonymous Recovery

Many people avoid telling their family members and friends about their substance use issues. Admitting to having a problem with alcohol can cause many people to feel ashamed. The first thing for you to know is that getting help with overcoming alcohol dependence takes courage and strength. Remind yourself of that often.

Even if you don’t want to tell others about your struggle with alcohol, you can still attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. These are anonymous which means that nobody in the meetings will tell others who they saw at the meeting. The information that is shared in the meetings stays in the meetings. You can feel free to share your struggles and your triumphs without worrying about your life story being spread to people you don’t want it to be spread to.

5. Building the Life You Deserve

Do you have an alcohol problem? Even if you aren’t sure, but you know that your drinking is negatively affecting your life, there would be no harm in going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. This program allows you to work through the 12 Steps to build the recovering and sober lifestyle that you deserve. After you attend your first meeting, you will get a feel for what the program is about. It is important to note there are different types of meetings. If you don’t connect with the first one that you attend, you can always try a different one to see if that works better for you.


There are millions of people who have benefited from Alcoholics Anonymous. From the day this community began to today, it has helped people overcome their alcohol dependence. However, that is not the only way Alcoholics Anonymous helps. It helps people get power and control back in their life. It helps them to improve their relationships, self-confidence, recover anonymously, keeps them busy, and much more. This is just the beginning. If you start attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, you will find it can help you in many other ways, too.

You can look online to find a list of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in your area today. If you travel or go someplace else, you can always find meetings in those areas, as well.

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