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Burning Desire

A “burning desire” is what is used to describe an overwhelming feeling or wanting to drink, use or cause harm. Usually at the end of the sharing period in 12 step meetings, the secretary will ask if ‘anyone has a burning desire’. What they’re asking is whether on not you would like to share and get whatever is bother you off your chest.

Often after the regular sharing, there will be a share period for those with a “burning desire.” These are defined as members who fear they will break sobriety or practice self-harm if they do not share. Therefore, they are given priority before the meeting is over.

In a lot of participation or speaker/participation meetings, due to the short time available for general sharing, many people may not get a chance to share. This time at the end of the meeting is set aside for those who feel they absolutely need to share. This allows them to express their feelings, seek support, and connect with others who may be experiencing similar challenges.

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