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Pink Cloud or “Pink Clouding”

What is Pink Clouding?

The “Pink Cloud”, also known as “Pink Clouding,” is a state of euphoria or over confidence that some people may experience in the early stages of recovery. It’s a period when someone’s sense of wellbeing soars and they’re ecstatic about their accomplishments.

Someone may feel the “pink cloud” whether they have just started on the road to recovery or have made significant progress. During this phase, people frequently have a sense of optimism and hope, and they could even think they have fully conquered addiction or other issues.

While the Pink Cloud may be enjoyable to newly sober individuals, Pink Cloud recovery can also be dangerous if it leads to overconfidence and complacency. Sometimes people in the Pink Cloud period may feel like they don’t need to attend meetings, work on their recovery or take other steps to maintain their sobriety. If things don’t go as smoothly as they hope, they may also be vulnerable to disappointment and disillusionment.

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