12 Traditions For Each Major 12 Step Program

What are the 12 Traditions?

While we know that each of the major 12 step programs is based on a 12 step structure, each program also has 12 traditions. The 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is where the 12 traditions of other programs come from, are in place to ensure that there are rules on how to handle internal disagreements and disputes as well as how to behave when interacting with the general public.

A lot of what would eventually become the 12 traditions was mentioned in the forward of the AA Big Book in 1939. Though, the official version of the 12 traditions wasn’t published until 1946 in the AA Grapevine. They were originally called the Twelve Points to Assure Our Future. They were officially adopted at AA’s International Convention held in 1950.

Here are the 12 traditions of each of the major 12 step programs: